Applications of rotational molding

With the rotational molding industry has little by little matured, rotational molding products with their own corrosion 

resistance, toughness, strong and durable, energy saving, recyclable, green and many other advantages, at home and abroad 

has made a wide range of applications. Compared with other plastic molding method, rotational molding application in China 

is relatively small, but compared with foreign countries, rotational molding development potential in China is huge.

The application of rotomolding is as follows:

1.Containers for foodstuffs and agricultural produce

  • Storage tanks, vats and drums for dairies and the ice cream industry;
  • Small silos for the preparation and packing of pasta, rice, spices etc.;
  • Small cisterns, tubs and bag-in boxes for various drinks;
  • Containers for the treatment of vegetables, olives and fruit;
  • Marls and vats for sausages and butchery;
  • Tanks for the transport of fry;
  • Isothermal containers with double walls for ready to eat foodstuffs, coconut oil, shelled nuts, fish products and frozen foods;
  • Small silos and cisterns for solid and liquid fertilisers;
  • Hoppers for the distribution of animal feed.


2.Machine components and agricultural plant

  • Agricultural machines; fuel and lubricating oil tanks, cisterns and hoppers for products to be irrigated, hoods, dashboards, fairings, mudguards;
  • Zootechny and irrigation; mangers, feed distributors, silos, boxes for programmed irrigation and feeding, channels and derivations;
  • Gardening: tanks, frames for grass collectors and mower bodies, carts and manual rollers, flower pots and flower pot holders including those for hydroponics.


3.Energy sources, recovery and community services

  • Insulated cases for solar panels;
  • Insulated hydraulic accumulators for heat exchangers and pumps;
  • Urban rubbish bins;
  • Glass collection bells;
  • Small silos for plastic off-cuts;
  • Containers for industrial residues;
  • Small tanks for the washing of rubbish bins;
  • Cisterns for emergency water reserves;
  • Special containers for fire prevention;
  • Various types of urban furniture.


4.Containers for the transport and storage of miscellaneous materials(powders, granules, liquids, bulk, including aggressive chemicals)

  • Small framed, palletised and stackable silos and cisterns;
  • Tipping carts and palletised cases for bulk products;
  • Spherical tanks for low-pressure release;
  • Drums and pallets for special uses;
  • Packing in expanded plastic for fragile and valuable objects;
  • Underground storage tanks;
  • Graduated cylindrical containers.


5.Installations and industrial services

  • Meters for water treatment;
  • Frames for fans, turrets, aspirators, impellers, hoods;
  • Surface treatment and miscellaneous work tanks;
  • Tanks and hoods for floor cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners, compressors, electric generators and welders;
  • Piping and flanged connectors;
  • Insulated elements for sound proofing plant and machinery.


6.General applications for various manufacturing industry

  • Boxes for NC machine tool programmers;
  • Cabinets for terminals, electronic weighing machines, piece counters;
  • Large diameter cable rollers;
  • Cases for electric accumulators;
  • Protective shielding for mechanical transmissions;
  • Covers for various machines and plant;
  • Shaped tanks for lubricating oils and miscellaneous liquids;
  • Large capacity rotating barrels for the tanning industry;
  • Baking containers for the dying industry;
  • Jars for spinners;
  • Frames for armchairs and sofas;
  • Benches and the like for external furnishing.


7.Transport and road signs

  • Air conveyers and other under bonnet accessories;
  • Arms and frames for seats;
  • Tanks for water and sanitary installations in caravans and mobile homes;
  • Luggage racks and trailers;
  • Air deflectors and intakes, mudguards and grilles for industrial vehicles;
  • Body parts for camper derived vehicles, ambulances etc.;
  • Fairings for motorcycles, bobsleighs, sidecars etc.;
  • Work platforms for mobile ladder vehicles;
  • Gas bottle covers for caravans and mobile homes;
  • Battery boxes;
  • Road salt distributors;
  • Miscellaneous elements for sign-posting and road safety, guard-rails, emergency telephone boxes.


8.Sailing and ports

  • Rowing boats and outboards;
  • Rudders and catamarans;
  • Windsurf;
  • Canoes, floats, and fenders;
  • Multiple life belts, and containers for life boats;
  • Jetties, floating collars, rafts;
  • Elements for beach cabins.


9.Toys and publicity materials

  • Rocking horses, toy vehicles;
  • Slides and large size toys for community use;
  • Miscellaneous elements for fairground amusements;
  • Dummies and other publicity articles.