brand new high-quality cooler box

Are you still worried that food will go bad when you participate in outdoor activities? Then, this brand new high-quality freezer is your ideal choice. This outdoor cooler is undoubtedly your good companion. It is made of reliable LLPD and PU and can maintain the required temperature for a long time. In addition, the radiator also has many user-friendly design details. For example, molded fastening grooves, integrated locking system, convenient handle and non-slip bottom design. Therefore, whether you are attending a party, going on a picnic, fishing, camping or participating in an autonomous driving trip, it may be your important equipment. Don’t hesitate to buy it.

This round cooler is perfect for your picnic, camping, fishing, family outing, boating, hunting, driving and other outdoor activities. When the cooler is filled with ice outside, keep it at 77°F for 5 to 7 days. At about 100 degrees, the ice will stay for about 3 days.