Information About RTIC 45L ODM Roto-Molded coolers

Our product RTIC 45L ODM Roto-Molded coolers Rotational molding technology has a long durability, good sealing and leakage protection. USES the food grade linear low density polyethylene material.

Non-toxic, environmental protection, have heat resistant and cold resistant and corrosion resistant effect. And thick layer of pu heat preservation material long-term retention effect. Of course, built-in Angle lock slot to ensure the safety of your things. Non-slip rubber feet can be on the edge of the cars and trucks to prevent slipping. Drainage system can better drainage and cleaning at the bottom. Humanized design of nylon handle can be easier to carry.


This Cooler is perfect for you to do picnicking, camping, fishing, family outing, boating, hunting, driving, and other outdoor activities. When the cooler in outside FULL with ice, will keep 5 to 7 days under 77℉. Above 100℉, ice will stay about 3days.