Why does the cooler have bias flow? I’ll show you the reason for the bias flow of the cooler!

The cooler is widely used in production and plays a good role in heat exchange in production. However, many friends will find that the cooler will have bias flow in the process of use. What is the reason? Today, Xiaobian will take you to uncover the causes of cooler bias.
One of the reasons for cooler bias flow: different pressures are mainly caused by different post cooling temperatures, which will lead to cooler bias flow. If cooler bias flow is caused by different cooler pressures, we just need to adjust the cooling water flow of each cooler at this time, Make the post cooling temperature of each heat exchanger basically similar.
The second reason for cooler bias flow: cooler blockage will lead to cooler bias flow. After the cooler works for a period of time, the impurities in the water or the scale formed will lead to the blockage of the cooler. The blockage of the cooler will hinder the heat exchange of the cooler, resulting in the bias flow of the cooler. In order to avoid or solve this problem, we need to clean and maintain the cooler regularly to prevent the cooler from blocking.
The third reason for cooler bias flow: it is caused by uneven resistance drop of cooler pipeline. When installing the cooler, if the cooler is in a high position, the circulating water pressure is low and the water supply is insufficient, the cooler will have bias flow. In this case, we need to contact the cooler manufacturer or professional master in time to redesign and install the cooler pipeline to solve the problem of uneven resistance of cooler pipeline.